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The State of IoT Report 2019 

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What’s in the Report?

The IoT report outlines the changing landscape of manufacturing, logistics, and, agriculture through innovations in Internet of Things Technology.

Indiana IoT Lab Year in Review

See what we’ve been working on inside the Indiana IoT lab and the strides we have made in just the past year through collaboration and innovation.

IoT in Manufacturing, Logistics, & Agriculture

Indiana is an epicenter for manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. Read the report for an analysis of these industries and how IoT is changing the landscape.

The Building Blocks of IoT

Access the building blocks of IoT technology and see how data, legal services, ideation, and security factor into the growth of IoT technology in manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture.

Featured Companies in the Report


Concepts for growing opportunities in machine learning, edge development, and platform integrations driven by partnerships will dominate the 2019 narrative in the State of IoT.

Jason Pennington

Executive Director, Indiana IoT Lab

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